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Swift Testing – Modern, open-source testing library for Swift

swift-testing is a modern, open-source testing library for Swift with powerful and expressive capabilities. It gives developers more confidence with less code.

This package is under active, ongoing development. Its contents, including all interfaces and implementation details, are experimental and are subject to change or removal without notice.

We welcome feedback and ideas from the Swift community. Please join us in the Swift forums and let us know what you think!

Feature overview

Flexible test organization

Define test functions almost anywhere with a single attribute and group related tests into hierarchies using Swift’s type system.

Customizable metadata

Dynamically enable or disable tests depending on runtime conditions, categorize tests using tags, and associate bugs directly with the tests that verify their fixes or reproduce their problems.

Scalable execution

Automatically parallelize tests in-process, integrate seamlessly with Swift concurrency, and parameterize test functions across wide ranges of inputs.

Supported platforms

The table below describes the current level of support that swift-testing has for various platforms:

Platform Status
macOS Supported
iOS Supported
watchOS Supported
tvOS Supported
Ubuntu 22.04 Supported
Windows Pending support for macros


The detailed documentation for swift-testing can be found on the Swift Package Index.

Here, you can delve into comprehensive guides, tutorials, and API references to make the most out of swift-testing.

Getting started

swift-testing is under active development. We are working to integrate it with the rest of the Swift ecosystem, but you can try it out today by following the steps in our Getting Started article.

Swift Testing on GitHub:
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