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Swift Macros – A curated list of awesome Swift Macros

Swift Macros have brought in a new wave of possibilities. The aim of this project is to curate a list of community-created Macros and associated learning resources.

Learning Resources 📚



Dive into Swift Macros with these WWDC sessions:

  • Write Swift Macros: An introductory session on Macros, their roles, and workings with a basic example.
  • Expand Swift Macros: A deeper exploration into crafting your Macros and testing their functionality.

Other Apple Resources:

  • Macros: The Official Step-by-Step Guide to Using Macros for Compile-Time Code Generation in Swift.
  • Example Swift Macros: Check out real-world examples from Apple, like @AddCompletionHandler and @AddAsync.

Community Blogs

Macros 💻



  • Coding Keys: Effortlessly generate CodingKeys for converting snake_case to lowerCamelCase.
  • Coding Keys: A Swift Macro for automating CodingKeys creation in Codable structs. Supports custom string mappings for properties.
  • Builder pattern: Apply the Builder Pattern with ease by generating a Builder helper class, mimicking stored properties of the associated struct.
  • EnhancedMirror: An experimental Mirror alternative that utilizes Swift Macros for static reflection.


  • Power Assert: Adds assertions that can automatically produce information about the values being evaluated, and present it in an easily digestible form.
  • Spyable: A Swift macro that simplifies and automates the process of creating spies for testing. Using the @Spyable annotation on a protocol, the macro generates a spy class that implements the same interface as the protocol and keeps track of interactions with its methods and properties.


  • SwiftRequest: SwiftRequest is a lightweight, type-safe HTTP client for Swift, streamlining the construction and execution of HTTP request build on top of Macros.


  • ExtractCaseValue: A Swift macro that extracts associated values from enum cases.


  • MacroKit: A collection of macros including:
    • @PublicInit: Generate public memberwise init
    • @GenerateMock: Create a mock object for testing from a protocol
    • @KeyPathIterable: Like CaseIterable but for available keypaths on a type
    • @StaticMemberIterable: Like CaseIterable but for available static members on a type
    • More to come…
  • InitMacro: A Swift Macro implementation that generates initializers for classes and structs with support for default values, wildcards and access control.
  • AssociatedObject: A Swift Macro for adding stored properties in Extension to classes defined in external modules, etc.
    (This is implemented by wrapping objc_getAssociatedObject/objc_setAssociatedObject.)
  • UtilityType: UtilityType is an innovative library designed to realize TypeScript’s UtilityTypes in Swift. See more details:
    • @Partial,@Required: Constructs a type with all properties set to optional(@Partial) or require(@Required). This utility will return a type that represents all subsets of a given type.
    • @Pick,@Omit: Constructs a type by picking(@Pick) or removing(@Omit) the set of specific properties keys (only string literal) from attached Type.
    • @Exclude,@Extract: Constructs a type by excluding(@Exclude) or extracting(@Extract) from enum all cases.
    • @Parameters: Constructs a tuple type from the types used in the parameters of a function type.
    • @ReturnType: Constructs a type consisting of the return type of function.
  • Reuse Identifier: A Reuse Identifier Macro that is useful in generation of a reuse id for your UICollectionViewCells and UITableViewCells
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