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Stable Diffusion AI – SD client app for Android

Stable Diffusion AI is an easy-to-use app that lets you quickly generate images from text or other images with just a few clicks. With this app, you can communicate with your own server and generate high-quality images in seconds.

Stable Diffusion AI Features

  • Can use server environment powered by AI Horde (a crowdsourced distributed cluster of Stable Diffusion workers)
  • Can use server environment powered by Stable-Diffusion-WebUI (AUTOMATIC1111)
  • Supports original Txt2Img, Img2Img modes
    • Positive and negative prompt support
    • Support dynamic size in range from 64 to 2048 px (for width and height)
    • Selection of different sampling methods (available samplers are loaded from server)
    • Unique seed input
    • Dynamic sampling steps in range from 1 to 150
    • Dynamic CFG scale in range from 1.0 to 30.0
    • Restore faces option
    • ( Img2Img ONLY ) : Image selection from device gallery (requires user permission)
    • ( Img2Img ONLY ) : Capture input image from camera (requires user permission)
  • In-app Gallery, stored locally, contains all AI generated images
    • Displays generated images grid
    • Image detail view: Zoom, Pinch, Generation Info.
    • Export all gallery to .zip file
    • Export single photo to .zip file
  • Settings
    • WebUI server URL
    • Active SD Model selection
    • Server availability monitoring (http-ping method)
    • Enable/Disable auto-saving of generated images
    • Clear gallery / app cache

Setup instruction

Option 1: Use your own Automatic1111 instance

This requires you to have the AUTOMATIC1111 WebUI that is running in server mode.

You can have it running either on your own hardware with modern GPU from Nvidia or AMD, or running it using Google Colab.

  1. Follow the setup instructions on Stable-Diffusion-WebUI repository.
  2. Add the arguments --api --listen to the command line arguments of WebUI launch script.
  3. After running the server, get the IP address, or URL of your WebUI server.
  4. On the first launch, app will ask you for the server URL, enter it and press Connect button. If you want to change the server URL, go to Settings tab, choose Configure option, and repeat the setup flow.

If for some reason you have no ability to run your server instance, you can toggle the Demo mode swith on server setup page: it will allow you to test the app and get familiar with it, but it will return some mock images instead of AI-generated ones.

Option 2: Use AI Horde

AI Horde is a crowdsourced distributed cluster of Image generation workers and text generation workers.

AI Horde requires to use API KEY, this mobile app alows to use either default API KEY (which is “0000000000”), or type your own. You can sign up and get your own AI Horde API KEY here.

Option 3: Use SDAI Cloud

Disclaimer: This option is only available in GooglePlay app version.

Google Play app version includes some proprietary libraries (like Firebase and Google AdMob) to monetize this option. This functionality is NOT a part of the FOSS build and will be never included in FOSS build

SDAI Cloud is the AUTOMATIC1111 hosted by author of this app as an option for users that for some reason are not able to run or host their own AUTOMATIC1111 instance.

Hosting this instance costs some money, and as this project is non-profitable the usage of SDAI Cloud is monetized by ads. Also the SDAI Cloud may not be available full-time, as this is running on the app author’s own bare-metal machine which is hosted in Ukraine, as this area now is a warzone electricity and network downtimes can happen sometimes.

Supported languages

App uses the language provided by OS default settings.

User interface of the app is translated for languages listed in this table:

Language Since version Status
English 0.1.0 Translated
Ukrainian 0.1.0 Translated
Turkish 0.4.1 Translated

Any contributions to the translations are welcome.

Stable Diffusion AI on GitHub:
Platform: Android
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