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Spotify-KMP – A Kotlin Multiplatform sample

Spotify-KMP is a Kotlin Multiplatform sample that mirrors the architecture of a production-level app!

Spotify-KMP Tech stack & Open-source libraries

  • Minimum SDK level
    • Android 21
    • iOS 15
  • Language
  • UI Framework
  • Architecture
  • Coroutines + Flow for asynchronous.
  • Ktor: HTTP Client Franework for REST Apis.
  • SKIE: SKIE is a tool for Kotlin Multiplatform development that enhances the Swift API published from Kotlin.
  • KMMBridge: KMMBridge is a set of Gradle tooling that facilitates publishing and consuming pre-built KMM Xcode Framework binaries.
  • Kotlinx.serialization: A modern JSON serialization library for Kotlin.
  • Coil: Loading and caching images images from network (Android).
  • Kingfisher: Loading and caching images images from network (Ios).
  • Kermit: Multiplatform centralized logging utility.
  • Paging3: Multiplatform Paging Library
  • Multiplatform-Settings: Multiplatform library for saving simple key-value data (SharedPreferences / NSUserDefaults)
  • BuildKonfig: BuildConfig for Kotlin Multiplatform Project + Product Flavour in Shared Module
  • Koin : A pragmatic lightweight dependency injection framework for Kotlin & Kotlin Multiplatform
  • Store : A Kotlin Multiplatform library for building network-resilient applications (Build offline first apps)
  • SqlDelight: Multiplatform SQLite Database (Generates typesafe Kotlin APIs from SQL)


  • Playlist + Album Listing on HomePage
  • Track listing inside playlist & album
  • Paging Support in track listing screen using Paging3
  • Loading / Error footer support while paging + retry functionlity in listing (supported in both android & ios)
  • Offline first (Load from in-memory cache -> disk -> network) using Store
  • Multi module support in android & shared modules
  • Better support for suspend + flows + sealed classes using SKIE
  • Publish IOS Binary as POD framework using KMMBridge
  • BuildConfig + Product Flavour inside shared module using BuildKonfig
  • Dependency injection using Koin
  • Database caching using SqlDelight
  • Access/Refresh Token functionality using Ktor Auth Plugin


Spotift-KMP adopted modularization strategies below:

  • Reusability: Modulizing reusable codes properly enable opportunities for code sharing and limits code accessibility in other modules at the same time.
  • Parallel Building: Each module can be run in parallel and it reduces the build time.
  • Strict visibility control: Modules restrict to expose dedicated components and access to other layers, so it prevents they’re being used outside the module
  • Decentralized focusing: Each developer team can assign their dedicated module and they can focus on their own modules.

NOTE: The same modularization strategies are used for shared module as well

For more information, check out the Guide to app modularization.


  • Shared resource support using moko-resources
  • MultiModule structure in iOS project
  • Test cases for the common code
Spotify-KMP on GitHub:
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