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Spiral – A SwiftUI shape for macOS, iOS and watchOS

A spiral is a component that includes a point generator, Shape and View of the spiral. The point generator allows direct data to be used for particularly rare cases. The Shape and View of the spiral is designed for SwiftUI. The Spiral shape can be outlined or filled with the desired material. The `SpiralView’ allows you to place arbitrary views at spiral points.

Spiral usage

Spiral Shape

It has several parameters:

  • pathType: the type of path you want to draw.
  • startAt: the start angle of a spiral.
  • endAt: the end angle of a spiral.
  • smoothness: the point density which describes a spiral.
  • offsetRadius: spiral radius offset for each point with respect to the calculated angle and frame.
  • offsetAngle: angle offset of each spiral point with respect to the calculated angle and frame.

var body: some View {
        startAt: .degrees(90),
        endAt: .degrees(360)
        style: .init(lineWidth: 20, lineCap: .round, lineJoin: .round)

Spiral View

When usingSpiralView, you need to position the content based on the spiral point coordinates.

var body: some View {
        startAt: .degrees(90),
        endAt: .degrees(360)
    ) { index, spiralPoint in
            .position(x: spiralPoint.point.x, y: spiralPoint.point.y)

Spiral on GitHub:
Platform: iOS
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