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Sheets Compose Dialogs – Android Compose dialogs & views

An Android library that offers dialogs & views for various use cases – build with Jetpack Compose. All of the dialogs & views are easy and quick to implement. Views can be used for PopUps, BottomSheets and other containers.

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The library contains various use-cases. Each module represents one use-case and contains a *Dialog and *View. You can use the *Dialog directly while you can use the *View for bottom sheets, popups and other non-scrollable elements.

As the core module is the foundation of all other use-cases, you have to implement that additionally to the ones you want to use.


Try out the sample APK.

In your top-level build.gradle

repositories {

In your app build.gradle file:

dependencies {
  implementation 'com.maxkeppeler.sheets-compose-dialogs:core:<version>' // necessary
  implementation 'com.maxkeppeler.sheets-compose-dialogs:<module>:<version>'

Replace <version> with the (latest or preferred) version of the library.

Replace <module> with the module you want to use.

Available modules: core | info | color | calendar | clock | duration | date_time | option | list | input | emoji | state


book Get a better insight into the API
Sheets-Compose-Dialogs API Documentation

sparkles General documentation, resources and setup samples and more
Sheets-Compose-Dialogs General Documentation

Sheets Compose Dialogs on GitHub:
Platform: Android
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