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RxSwift – Reactive Programming in Swift

Rx is a generic abstraction of computation expressed through Observable<Element> interface, which lets you broadcast and subscribe to values and other events from an Observable stream.

RxSwift is the Swift-specific implementation of the Reactive Extensions standard.

While this version aims to stay true to the original spirit and naming conventions of Rx, this project also aims to provide a true Swift-first API for Rx APIs.

Cross platform documentation can be found on

Like other Rx implementations, RxSwift’s intention is to enable easy composition of asynchronous operations and streams of data in the form of Observable objects and a suite of methods to transform and compose these pieces of asynchronous work.

KVO observation, async operations, UI Events and other streams of data are all unified under abstraction of sequence. This is the reason why Rx is so simple, elegant and powerful.


  • Xcode 12.x
  • Swift 5.x
RxSwift on GitHub:
Official site:
Platform: iOS
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