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Runestone – Plain text editor for iOS with code editing features

Runestone – a performant plain text editor for iOS with code editing features.

sparkles Runestone features

  • Syntax highlighting.
  • Line numbers.
  • Highlight the selected line.
  • Show invisible characters (tabs, spaces and line breaks).
  • Insertion of character pairs, e.g. inserting the trailing quotation mark when inserting the leading.
  • Customization of colors and fonts.
  • Toggle line wrapping on and off.
  • Adjust height of lines.
  • Add a page guide.
  • Add vertical and horizontal overscroll.
  • Highlight ranges in the text view.
  • Search the text using regular expressions.
  • Automatically detects if a file is using spaces or tabs for indentation.
  • Specify line endings (CR, LF, CRLF) to use when inserting a line break.
  • Automatically detect line endings in a text.

book Runestone documentation

The documentation of all public types is available at The documentation is generated from the Swift code using Apple’s DocC documentation compiler.

racing_car Performance

Runestone was built to be fast. Its good performance is by far mostly thanks to Tree-sitter’s incremental parsing and AvalonEdit’s approach for managing lines in a document.

When judging the performance of Runestone, it is key to build your app in the release configuration. The optimizations applied by the compiler when using the release configuration becomes very apparent when opening large documents.

desktop_computer Catalyst

The project should mostly work with Catalyst on the Mac, however, it isn’t fully tested and the implementation isn’t considered done. The focus is currently on the iPhone and iPad.

Runestone at GitHub:
Platform: iOS
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