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Read You – An Android RSS reader presented in Material You style

An Android RSS reader presented in Material You style.


Read You is an Android RSS reader presented in Material You style.

The following are the progress made so far and the goals to be worked on in the near future:

  •  Subscribe to RSS links
  •  Import or export OPML files
  •  Notification of new articles
  •  Article readability optimization
  •  Full content parse for original articles
  •  Multi-account
  •  Bionic reading
  •  Read aloud
  •  Android widget
  •  …

What am I doing now?


Read You integrates with some of third-party service APIs to support you in using your existing cloud accounts as data sources.

  •  Fever
  •  Google Reader
  •  FreshRSS
  •  Miniflux
  •  Tiny Tiny RSS
  •  Inoreader
  •  Feedly
  •  Feedbin
  •  …


Welcome to open a pull requestGitHub Actions automatically packages all flavors of apk files for each commit.

Read You is based on Jetpack Compose toolkit for building Android’s native UI.

  1. First you need to get the source code of Read You.

    git clone
  2. Then open it via Android Studio (latest version).

  3. When you click the ▶ Run button, it will be built and run automatically.

    In case of lag, please select Release version build.


Open Source Projects

Read You on GitHub:
Platform: Android
⭐️: 1.8K