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R.swift – Resources in Swift

Get strong typed, autocompleted resources like images, fonts and segues in Swift projects

Why use R.swift ?

It makes your code that uses resources:

  • Fully typed, less casting and guessing what a method will return
  • Compile time checked, no more incorrect strings that make your app crash at runtime
  • Autocompleted, never have to guess that image name again

Currently you type:

let icon = UIImage(named: "settings-icon")
let font = UIFont(name: "San Francisco", size: 42)
let color = UIColor(named: "indicator highlight")
let viewController = CustomViewController(nibName: "CustomView", bundle: nil)
let string = String(format: NSLocalizedString("welcome.withName", comment: ""), locale: NSLocale.current, "Arthur Dent")

With R.swift it becomes:

let icon = R.image.settingsIcon()
let font = R.font.sanFrancisco(size: 42)
let color = R.color.indicatorHighlight()
let viewController = CustomViewController(nib: R.nib.customView)
let string = R.string.localizable.welcomeWithName("Arthur Dent")


After installing R.swift into your project you can use the R-struct to access resources. If the struct is outdated just build and R.swift will correct any missing/changed/added resources.

R.swift currently supports these types of resources:

Runtime validation with R.validate():

  • If all images used in storyboards and nibs are available
  • If all named colors used in storyboards and nibs are available
  • If all view controllers with storyboard identifiers can be loaded
  • If all custom fonts can be loaded
R.swift on GitHub:
Platform: iOS
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