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Quake Watch – Quake 1 port to Apple Watch

Quake 1 game ported to Apple Watch, running on Series 5.

  • uses Quake SW renderer + blitting to WatchKit surface (~60 fps, 640×480, larger res can run on lower framerate, tested up until 1024×768)
  • touch + gyro + digital crown controls
  • new AVFoundation audio backend (quake to Watchkit audio buffer copy logic), as Watchkit does not support CoreAudio
  • high pass audio filter to remove clicking on Watch speaker for some of the low frequency quake .wav samples
  • some smaller modifications and code updates to glue Quake 1 c code to Objective C and Watchkit
  • built on OSS release of Quake 1 by id software and later Mac and iOS OSS ports

Quake assets are still copyrighted, repo contains only source code.

Binaries cannot be distributed on App Store, but having a Mac, you can build the app yourself, I have also provided shell script which can download assets from shareware release of Quake.

Quake Watch on GitHub:
Platform: iOS
⭐️: 223