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PlainApp – Manage your phone through a web browser

PlainApp is an open-source application that allows you to manage your phone through a web browser. Access files, videos, music, contacts, sms, calls, and more from your desktop using a secure, easy to use web interface!

PlainApp Features

  • Privacy oriented: We take your privacy seriously and use TLS + AES-GCM-256 encryption to ensure your data is secure.
  • Ad-free forever: You won’t be bombarded with ads when using PlainApp.
  • No cloud services or third-party data storage: All data is kept on your device, so you have complete control over your information.
  • No Firebase Cloud Messaging/Analytics: We don’t track your activity or use your data for advertising purposes. We only collect crash logs through Firebase Crashlytics.
  • User-friendly: PlainApp has a modern, customizable interface with multi-language support, light/dark theme options, and e-ink screen compatibility.
  • Desktop management: You can manage your phone from your desktop by visiting a self-hosted webpage wirelessly.
  • Contacts management: You can manage these features on the self-hosted webpage as well.
  • File management: Manage files, images, videos, and audios on the self-hosted webpage.
  • Note-taking: Use PlainApp to manage your notes with a built-in Markdown editor.
  • RSS reader: Read articles in a clean UI.
  • TV casting: Cast your videos, images, and audios to your TV.
  • Video and audio playback: Play videos and audios in the app and on the webpage.
  • Backup and export: Backup and export your app data for safekeeping.
  • ChatGPT conversation UI (web only)
  • SMS, Calls: Read your SMS and calls on webpage.(Apk only)
  • Apps: View your apps and download apk from phone.(web only)
  • And more features are planned for the future.

PlainApp’s minimalist design is intentional, so you can focus on what matters most: your valuable data.




  1. Generate release.jks file under $rootProject/app folder.
keytool -genkey -v -keystore ./app/release.jks -keyalg RSA -keysize 2048 -validity 10000 -alias plain
  1. Create file with following content under $rootProject folder.
PlainApp on GitHub:
Platform: Android
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