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PartialSheet – Customizable SwiftUI Partial Sheet

PartialSheet – a custom SwiftUI modifier to present a Partial Modal Sheet based on his content size.



  • Slidable and dismissable with drag gesture
  • Variable height based on his content
  • Allow scrollable cntents
  • Compatible with pickers
  • Customizable colors
  • Keyboard compatibility
  • Landscape compatibility
  • iOS compatibility
  • iPad compatibility
  • Mac compatibility

Nice to have

At the moment we developed all the most requested features, feel free to open an issue if you feel something is missing.

Version 3

The new version brings a lot of breaking changes and a lot of improvments:

  • A more SwiftUI way to call the PartialSheet.
  • Add support to scrollable content.
  • Add support to Material effect.
  • A new Button to avoid the rage tapping.
  • More Support for the pickers.

PartialSheet Installation


  • iOS 15.0+ / macOS 12.0+
  • Xcode 13+
  • Swift 5+

Via Swift Package Manager

In Xcode 13 or grater, in you project, select: File > Add Pacakages.

In the search bar type PartialSheet and when you find the package, with the next button you can proceed with the installation.

If you can’t find anything in the panel of the Swift Packages you probably haven’t added yet your github account. You can do that under the Preferences panel of your Xcode, in the Accounts section.

How to Use PartialSheet

You can read more on the wiki – full guide.

To use the Partial Sheet you need to follow just two simple steps

1. Attach the Partial Sheet instance to your Root View in you


2. Then in any view on the hierarchy you can use:

    .partialSheet(isPresented: $isPresented) {
        Text("Content of the Sheet")

You can also use the PSButton to avoid the rage tapping:

    isPresenting: $isSheetPresented,
    label: {
        Text("Display the Partial Sheet")

Remember to always add import PartialSheet in every file you want to use the PartialSheet.

In the Example directory you can find more runnable examples with more complex structures.

PartialSheet on GitHub:
Platform: iOS
⭐️: 1.2К