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Paparazzi – Render your application screens without a physical device or emulator

Paparazzi – An Android library to render your application screens without a physical device or emulator.

Paparazzi Plugin – IntelliJ iDEA/Android Studio plugin for Android projects using the Paparazzi library that allows recording, verifying and viewing the snapshots within the IDE.


Install Paparazzi Plugin

You can install the plugin from Preferences -> Plugins and search for the plugin. You can also download the plugin from the intelliJ iDEA Marketplace.

Paparazzi Plugin Features

  • View previously-recorded golden snapshots for the currently opened test class
  • View golden snapshots of the current focussed test method
  • View failure diffs for the current test class or method
  • Record and Verify snapshots for individual tests or for entire test class
  • Zoom options for Actual Size and Fit to Window
  • Fully supported for test files written in Java or Kotlin


Any changes made to the plugin should be tested against the sample paparazzi android project.

Paparazzi on GitHub:
Paparazzi Plugin on GitHub:
Platform: Android
⭐️: 1.6K