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OpenFind – Find text in real life

An app to find text in real life. Now open-source!

  • Download on the App Store.
  • Search your entire photo library in split seconds.
  • Find in real-time using the camera.
  • Create lists of allergies and find unwanted ingredients instantly.
  • Organize photos with stars.
  • Look for multiple terms at the same time.
  • Runs 100% offline. No servers, nothing weird going on.
  • Tons of customizable settings.
  • Supports VoiceOver.

OpenFind (formerly Find) is my first app — I’ve been working on it for the past 3 years to learn Swift. You can view its entire history (1600+ commits!) here.

I hope you can find some use out of this, whether it’s from looking at the code, or just using it to find stuff. The app should build right out of the box.

What’s Included

  • A fully-functional app.
  • A fully-functional app clip.
  • Examples of a bunch of Apple APIs.
  • Examples of third-party APIs.
  • Lots of custom UI.
OpenFind on GitHub:
Platform: iOS