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Open Golf – A cross-platform minigolf game written in C

A cross-platform minigolf game written in C.



  • Used the Sokol libraries to create a cross platform application with 3D graphics and audio.
  • Wrote the Physics code to handle collision detection and collision response for the golf ball.
  • Used ImGui to create in games tools for fast iteration. Also created an in game-editor that can be used to modify the terrain of a hole and then quickly play to get fast feedback. The game-editor can also run scripts to generate the points and faces of more interesting models.
  • Used the library Lightmapper to generate lightmaps for the terrain and also xatlas to generate lightmap UVs. These lightmaps are then baked into the files for the courses. It can also interpolate between multiple samples to create lightmaps for some moving objects.

3rd Party Libraries

Open Golf on GitHub:
Platform: iOS/Android/Windows/Linux
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