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MiStoryView – Stories features into your apps

MiStoryView is a simple configurable library to integrate stories features into your social media android application.

MiStoryView key features

  • Set a list of image URLs in MiStoryView.
  • Customize duration for the particular story (in milliseconds).
  • Set any of the predefined animations, while swiping between multiple stories.
  • Move to the back and forth story by tapping on the right and left parts of an image.
  • Hold story by just simply touch on it.
  • Move to the whole next story or exit full story view, if a user is at the last item of the story.
  • Move to the whole previous story or exit the full story view, if a user is at the first item of the story.
  • Story indicator color changes once it is seen.
MiStoryView on GitHub:
Platform: Android
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