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Mina Box – Lazy box library for Jetpack Compose

Mina box allows to display lazy loaded items on the 2D plane. It is build on the LazyLayout and provides methods to register item(s) and handles scrolling on the plane.

Mina Box Usage

Get a dependency

Step 1. Add the MavenCentral repository to your build file. Add it in your root build.gradle at the end of repositories:

allprojects {
    repositories {

Or in settings.gradle:

pluginManagement {
    repositories {

Step 2. Add the dependency. Check latest version on the releases page.

dependencies {
    implementation 'io.github.oleksandrbalan:minabox:$version'

Use in Composable

The core element of the MinaBox layout is a content lambda, where items are registered in the similar manner as in LazyColumn or LazyRow. The main difference is that each item must provide its position and size in the layoutInfo lambda. Each item could be locked horizontally or vertically to create pinned rows and / or columns of data. The item size could be defined absolutely (in pixels) or relatively to parent size.

val columns = 10
val rows = 10
val width = 128f // pixels
val height = 64f // pixels
MinaBox {
        count = columns * rows,
        layoutInfo = {
                x = width * (it % columns),
                y = height * (it / columns),
                width = width,
                height = height,
    ) { index ->
        Text(text = "#$index")

See Demo application and examples for more usage examples.

More usages

There are two libraries which are build on top of the Mina Box layout:

  • LazyTable – displays columns and rows of data on the two directional plane.
  • ProgramGuide – displays program guide data on the two directional plane.

Make sure to check them for tip & tricks if you want to build your own implementation.

Mina Box on GitHub:
Platform: Android
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