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MilitaryJet – Bug-proof Jetpack Compose UI tests

This repo includes production ready samples that showcase my unopinionated way of simply writing military-grade bug-proof Jetpack Compose UI tests. EVERY single UI component, their possible behaviours and states were all tested!

With this repo, you can perform any kind of automated Jetpack Compose UI testing – i.e. you can test ANYTHING (both visible and invisible (i.e. things that are not visible on the UI but exists in the node – e.g. content description)) on the UI. For example, you can test whether or not a TextField’s trailing icon and/or it’s content description displays/exists on the UI.

If there is anything that’s not covered that you want to test, you can be able to create custom semantics in order to test ANYTHING on a Jetpack Compose UI!

So, READY! SET!! GO!!!

Project Tech-stack and Characteristics

  • Android Framework
  • Kotlin
  • Jetpack Compose
  • Jetpack Compose Material Design 3 Components
  • Jetpack Compose Material Design Extended Icons
  • ViewModel
  • Kotlin Coroutine
  • StateFlow
  • Reactive Programing
  • UI Testing and Individual UI Component Testing
  • Architecting Jectpack Compose UI Tests
  • Composable Previews
  • Extension Functions
  • Custom semantics (for testing almost anything on the UI such as for asserting whether the leading icon of a TextField is displayed)


  • Screenshot testing using Paparazzi including CI setup
  • More…

Important Note

  • Always check and use the highest numbered version of a test case function as that is, in my opinion, the recommended one to use. But you can choose which ever version of the test case function you preferred.
  • For a more structured way of testing, it’s highly recommended to use the test classes with the highest number suffixed on the file/class name.

Why MilitaryJet?

The name MilitaryJet has NO connection whatsoever with a military/army/jet fighters. The “Jet” in MilitaryJet is from JETpack Compose and “Military” in MilitaryJet is from MILITARY-grade from this repo’s description which means the level of fight against computer software bugs. And then the MilitaryJet is the level of weaponry in the fight against Jetpack Compose UI bugs.

Annoyance Alert

Too many comments. For example, some comments are just for sample purposes for someone who might be interested in a particular test case. Note that newer test classes with higher numbers suffixed in their names have very fewer and necessary comments.

MilitaryJet on GitHub:
Platform: Android
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