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Kotlin Algorithms and Design Patterns

This repository lists the most common algorithms, data structures, and design patterns written in the Kotlin programming language.

All code is divided into separate packages:

  1. sorting – sorting algorithms
  2. search – search algorithms
  3. structures – data structure (lists, arrays, stack, queue, binary trees, e.t.c)
  4. design-patterns – design patterns
  5. other – other algorithms (Levenshtein distance, Knut Morris Pratt algorithm, e.t.c)

For each code file, tests are made, which are located in the test/kotlin directory

Also, whenever possible, I add javadoc for each class, method, and file


  1. package design_patterns – design patterns

  2. package structures – data structure

  3. package sorting – sorting algorithms

  4. package search – search algorithms

  5. package other – other algorithms

Kotlin Algorithms and Design Patterns on GitHub:
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