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Jetpack Compose Codelabs

This repository contains a set of Android Studio projects to help you learn about Compose in Android. Each sample contains the code for a specific Compose codelab.

For more information about Jetpack Compose, please read the documentation

💻 Requirements

Android Studio Chipmunk.

🧬 Codelabs

Basics codelabs

Go hands-on and learn the fundamentals of declarative UI, working with state, layouts and theming.

Basic layouts codelab

Learn how to implement real-world designs with the composables and modifiers that Compose provides out of the box.

State codelab

Understand patterns for working with state in a declarative world by building a Wellness application.

Theming codelab

Go hands on with Compose’s implementation of Material Design to understand how to theme an application’s colors, typography and shapes and support light and dark themes.

Migration codelab

Understand how Jetpack Compose and View-based UIs can co-exist and interact, making it easy to adopt Compose at your own pace.

Animation codelab

Learn how to use Jetpack Compose Animation APIs.

Navigation codelab

Learn how to use the Jetpack Navigation library in Compose, navigate within your application, navigate with arguments, support deep-links, and test your navigation.

Testing codelab

Learn about testing Jetpack Compose UIs. Write your first tests, and learn about testing in isolation, debugging tests, the semantics tree, and test synchronization.

Accessibility codelab

Learn about the various ways to improve an app’s accessibility. Increase touch target sizes, add content descriptions, create custom actions, and more.

Adaptive codelab

Learn how to build adaptive apps for phones, tablets and foldables with Jetpack Compose. Improve reachability and ergonomics of your app with Material navigation components.

Jetpack Compose Codelabs on GitHub:
Platform: Android
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