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Ivy Wallet: money manager

Ivy Wallet is a free money manager android app written using 100% Jetpack Compose and Kotlin. It’s designed to help you track your personal finance with ease.

Imagine Ivy Wallet as a manual expense tracker that will replace the good old spreadsheet for managing your personal finance.

Track your expenses, fast and on-the-go! ⚡ Discover powerful insights about your spending.

Do you know? Ask yourself.

  1. How much money do I have right now in all accounts combined?

  2. How much did I spend this month and where?

  3. How much money can I spend and still reach my financial goals?

A money manager app can help you answer these questions.

Ivy Wallet’s biggest advantage is its UI/UX, simplicity, and customization which was recognized in the “Top/Best Android App in 2021/2022 charts” 10+ times by the YouTube tech community.

Ivy Wallet Project Requirements

  • Java 17+
  • The latest Android Studio Hedgehog or above (for easy install use JetBrains Toolbox)

Ivy Wallet Tech Stack


Local Persistence

  • DataStore (key-value storage, Shared Preferences replacement)
  • Room DB (SQLite ORM)




Ivy Wallet on GitHub:
Platform: Android
⭐️: 1.4K