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iTorrent – iOS Torrent client

It is an ordinary torrent client for iOS with Files app support.

What can this app do:

  • Download in the background
  • Sequential download (use VLC to watch films while loading)
  • Add torrent files from Share menu (Safari and other apps)
  • Add magnet links directly from Safari
  • Store files in Files app (iOS 11+)
  • File sharing directly from app
  • Download torrent by link
  • Download torrent by magnet
  • Send notification on torrent downloaded
  • WebDav Server
  • Select files to download or not
  • Change UI to dark theme
  • RSS Feed
  • ???


Now iTorrent supports the following languages:

  • English
  • Russian
  • Turkish

If you are fluent in the languages not listed above and want to help with translation, you are welcome!


To build that project you need to have Cocoapods installed


  • cd terminal to project’s folder “cd /home/user/iTorrent”
  • Build pods “pod install”
  • Open .xcworkspace and build it
  • Profit

Libraries used

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Important information

This app using Firebase Analytics and so it collects next information from your device:

  • The country of your internet provider
  • Time of app’s working session

All this data presents as statistic, and cannot be used to get someone’s personal information

Also this app using Firebase Crashlytics, which collects the next information when application crashes:

  • Model of your device (IPhone X or IPad Pro (10.5 inch) for example)
  • Device orientation
  • Free space on RAM and ROM
  • IOS version
  • Time of crash
  • Detailed log of the thread where the stuck happens

All this information is using for bug fixing and improving the quality of this app

More information you can find on Firebase website.

iTorrent on GitHub:
Platform: iOS
⭐️: 1.5K