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FloatingPanel – UI component for iOS

FloatingPanel is a simple and easy-to-use UI component for a new interface introduced in Apple Maps, Shortcuts and Stocks app. The new interface displays the related contents and utilities in parallel as a user wants.

FloatingPanel features

  •  Simple container view controller
  •  Fluid behavior using numeric springing
  •  Scroll view tracking
  •  Removal interaction
  •  Multi panel support
  •  Modal presentation
  •  4 positioning support(top, left, bottom, right)
  •  1 or more magnetic anchors(full, half, tip and more)
  •  Layout support for all trait environments(i.e. Landscape orientation)
  •  Common UI elements: surface, backdrop and grabber handle
  •  Free from common issues of Auto Layout and gesture handling
  •  Compatible with Objective-C
FloatingPanel on GitHub:
Platform: iOS
⭐️: 4.9K