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DivKit – Server-Driven UI framework

DivKit is an open source Server-Driven UI (SDUI) framework. It allows you to roll out server-sourced updates to different app versions. Also, it can be used for fast UI prototyping, allowing you to write a layout once and then ship it to iOS, Android, and Web platforms. DivKit is an excellent choice to start using server-driven UI in your project because it can be easily integrated as a simple view in any part of your app. At the starting point, you don’t need a server integration. You can include all JSON on the client-side to try it in a real-world application.

Also, we’ve made a sandbox for you to experiment with. You can try different samples in the web editor and see the results on the web or in the Android demo app, both of which are available on Google Play. We’ll publish the iOS demo app shortly. The UI in the demo can be updated live: the sandbox connects to the demo app via web sockets. You can use the DivKit website to find a lot of handy samples and documentation, but feel free to ask us anything here in the comments or via the Telegram community chat.

DivKit on GitHub:
Platform: iOS/Android
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