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Cursor – An editor made for programming with AI

Cursor is an editor made for programming with AI. It’s early days, but right now Cursor can help you with a few things…

  • Write: Generate 10-100 lines of code with an AI that’s smarter than Copilot
  • Diff: Ask the AI to edit a block of code, see only proposed changes
  • Chat: ChatGPT-style interface that understands your current file
  • And more: ask to fix lint errors, generate tests/comments on hover, etc.

Getting Started

Head over to our website to download and try out the editor.

Feel free to file tickets for bugs or feature requests. Upvote 👍 the ones you’d like us to prioritize.


Long term, our plan is to build Cursor into the world’s most productive development environment. Using LLMs, we want to do things like:

  • Auto-fix errors as soon as they show up in your terminal
  • Embed AI-written documentation into the UI
  • “Heal” your repository when you’re halfway through a refactor
  • Allow you to code by editing a “pseudocode” version of your codebase
Cursor on GitHub:
Platform: IDE
⭐️: 8K