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Compose Reports to HTML – Jetpack Compose compiler metrics and reports into HTML

The Compose Compiler plugin can generate reports / metrics around certain compose-specific concepts that can be useful to understand what is happening with some of your compose code at a fine-grained level. See this.

This generates reports in json, csv and txt files which are not easily trace-able for developers. Also, Composable function and class reports becomes large and tedious to check. This tool parses the reports and metrics generated by Compose compiler and beautifies into a HTML page and intelligently distinguishes problematic and non-problematic composable functions and classes.

This utility doesn’t generate Compose Metrics and Reports. First, raw Compose report should be generated from the Compiler and those generated files should be feed to this utility. By parsing that data, this utility generates the beautified report.

Compose Reports to HTML at GitHub:
Platform: Android
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