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Compose Adaptive Scaffold – Make supporting large screens and foldables a breeze

The aim of this library is to make writing Jetpack Compose apps that support large screen and foldable devices a breeze. Here’s a short clip that showcases how the library works. Clicking on the preview image directs you to YouTube.

Compose Adaptive Scaffold is based on the idea of two panes, called body and secondary body. For small screens you pass alternatives (or variations) called small body and small secondary body (the latter one is optional). Depending on your screen layout, the pairs body and small body, and secondary body and small secondary body may even be the same. Two panes are the basis for Canonical Layouts, an important Material Design concept.

Under the hood, Compose Adaptive Scaffold uses Jetpack WindowManager to provide full hinge support. This means that you do not need to worry about screen dimensions, location and sizes of hinges, and hinge features like orientation. Just provide body and secondary body composables – everything else is handled by Compose Adaptive Scaffold.

Compose Adaptive Scaffold on GitHub:
Platform: Android
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