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Codeface – See the Architecture of Code

Codeface visualises the internal composition, dependencies and quality metrics of code to help you understand, improve and monitor it.

This version is still an early and minimal stage of a grand future vision.

What Codeface allows to do:

  • See the hierarchical composition of any scope within your codebase
  • See the essential dependencies between structural elements on every level: folders, files and code symbols
  • See cyclic dependencies (in red) and where they are (artifacts with red borders)
  • See the size (lines of code) of each structural element – by visual size as well as by number
  • Inspect scopes at all levels – from folders down to properties (thanks to semantic zoom)
  • Read the whole codebase along its control flow – from big picture to details (thanks to topological order, dependencies go mostly downwards and to the right)
  • Filter all visualisations by a search term
  • Save, open and share codebase files. You can load them quickly without an LSP server and even send them to people who have neither the project nor any LSP servers nor technical skills.
  • Add support for languages beyond Swift by proving an LSP server


  • Being able to switch from reading code to seeing architecture helps making better software faster.
  • You understand legacy code, notice red flags, accelerate onboarding, automate documentation, anchor discussions and simply have fun.
  • We love software architecture since 1993 and know how communication and quality require visualisation.


  • This journey is just beginning. There are loads of ideas and development directions to evolve Codeface.
  • Imagine architectural suggestions, more layouts and metrics, real-time updates, a web dashboard, animated navigation and more.
  • Be part of the journey and shape Codeface with your own big ideas and feedback:
Codeface on Mac App Store:
Platform: iOS/Xcode
⭐️: 4.0