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Chaquopy – Python SDK for Android

Chaquopy provides everything you need to include Python components in an Android app, including:

  • Full integration with Android Studio’s standard Gradle build system.
  • Simple APIs for calling Python code from Java/Kotlin, and vice versa.
  • A wide range of third-party Python packages, including SciPy, OpenCV, TensorFlow and many more.

To get started, see the documentation.

Repository layout

This repository contains the following components:

  • product contains Chaquopy itself.
  • target contains build processes for Python and its dependencies.
  • server/pypi contains build processes for third-party Python packages.

The open-source demo apps are contained in separate repositories under


For build instructions, see the README files in each subdirectory.

Or to build everything at once, follow the instructions below on a Linux x86-64 machine:

If necessary, install Docker using the instructions on its website.

Make sure all submodules are up to date:

git submodule init && git submodule update

Then run the script This will generate a maven directory containing the Chaquopy repository.

To use this repository to build an app, edit the repositories block in your settings.gradle or build.gradle file to declare your repository before mavenCentral. Either an HTTP URL or a local path can be used.

Chaquopy on GitHub:
Platform: Android
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