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CardinalKit – Open-source framework for rapid development of modern, interoperable digital health applications

An open-source framework for the rapid development of modern, interoperable digital health applications.

For more information, please refer to the API documentation.

The CardinalKit Architecture

CardinalKit introduces a standards-based modular approach to building digital health applications. A standard builds the shared repository of data mapped to a common understanding that is used to exchange data between CardinalKit modules.

We differentiate between five different types of modules:

The API documentation includes a selector to switch between the different Swift Package Manager Targets, allowing you to explore the different modules that are included in the CardinalKit repository.

The CardinalKit Template Application

The CardinalKit Template Application provides a great starting point and example about using the different CardinalKit modules.


Contributions to this project are welcome. Please make sure to read the contribution guidelines and the contributor covenant code of conduct first.

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