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Braze – A Crypto Currency App with SwiftUI and MVVM

Braze – A Crypto Currency Tracker created using SwiftUI with MVVM architecture. Braze tracks live prices of crypto coins and can create mock portfolio.

Using Combine framework with Subscribers/Publishers for efficient Data loading and CoreData for Local Data Persistance.

Braze Features

  •  CoreData
  •  Launch Animation
  •  Sign In/Update User
  •  Combine Framework
  •  Light/dark mode
  •  Live prices
  •  User Portfolio
  •  MVVM architecture
  •  Search Features
  •  Details of Coins
  •  iPad support
  •  Coin Price History


Before you start running the “Braze” iOS app, ensure you have the following prerequisites:

  1. Xcode: Install Xcode, which is the development environment for building iOS apps. You can download it from the Mac App Store.

  2. Git: Make sure you have Git installed on your system for version control. You can download and install Git from the Git website.

  3. GitHub Account: You’ll need a GitHub account to clone the repository and collaborate with the project. You can sign up for free on the GitHub website.

  4. iOS Device or Simulator: To run the app, you can either use a physical iOS device connected to your computer or an iOS simulator provided by Xcode.

Braze on GitHub:
Platform: iOS
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