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BabaBASIC – QuickBASIC 4.5 revival on Android

Write and run QuickBASIC 4.5 programs, just like in the 80s.

BabaBASIC lets you write and run QuickBASIC 4.5-compatible programs on your Android device, enabling you to reminisce of the prehistoric computing era.

Why I am making this?

I made this app because my father, who was a programmer in the 80s, asked me to find him an Android app to showcase programming to others using QuickBASIC. I couldn’t find anything that I felt comfortable recommending to him, so I pulled an all-nighter and made this.

Running on the command-line

./gradlew :bbasic:build
java -jar bbasic/build/libs/bbasic-standalone.jar INPUT.BAS

Standing on the shoulders of giants

BabaBASIC on GitHub:
Platform: Android
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