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Awesome Ktor – A curated list of awesome books, tutorials, courses, and resources for the Ktor

Ktor is an asynchronous framework for creating microservices, web applications and more. Written in Kotlin from the ground up. This repo aims to be a curated list of awesome books, tutorials, courses, and resources for the Ktor framework ecosystem.



  • Kotlin with Ktor Explores how to create a standalone server application using Ktor.
  • Ktor: REST API for Mobile Using Ktor to create REST APIs for mobile. You’ll create a Ktor REST API server named TodoServer. This server will authenticate users and provide an API for users and TODOs.
  • KtorEasy Medium articles: Medium’s article list explaining KtorEasy repository. Including explanation about its architecture, testing, deployment and backend monitoring with Grafana.


  • Ktor with Ryan Harter Talks about how Ktor can be used for developing server side applications and its differences with some other existing ones.

Educational Projects

  • Samples for Ktor A collection of ready-to-use samples for Ktor.
  • KtorEasy Demonstrates a suggested Ktor architecture. It includes Backend implementation with Ktor, MariaDB database connection with Hikari, Docker command to build Backend container and Docker compose to run both database and backend instance.
  • Ktor Arrow Real World Example Real World implementation – “The mother of all demo apps”. Written in Kotlin, with Ktor, Arrow, SqlDelight, KotlinX Serialization, etc.
  • Starter project to create a simple RESTful web service in Kotlin Starter RESTful service with websocket notifications using Kotlin, Ktor and Exposed with H2, HikariCP and FlyWay.
  • RealWorld Kotlin Ktor Backend Kotlin-Ktor codebase containing real world examples (CRUD, auth, advanced patterns, etc) that adheres to the RealWorld spec and API.
  • github-alerts-kotlin Example implementation of the subscription microservice (Ktor flavour).
  • Kotlin Native Server Kotlin Native Ktor server with K8s zero-downtime demo.

Other Resources


  • Kotlin by JetBrains the official YouTube channel of the Kotlin programming language. Kotlin Tutorials, Kotlin Multiplatform, Kotlin Coroutines, Kotlin Tips, Talking Kotlin Podcast, ATOM Podcast.




  • Codersee Codersee is a place, where you can learn programming- especially Kotlin and backend topics- through practical tutorials.

Ktor Projects

  • Kryptokrona API For caching and processing data from the blockchain to provide faster access for services.
  • Kodein Kodein is a very simple and yet very useful dependency retrieval container. it is very easy to use and configure.
  • Ktor OpenAPI Generator Ktor OpenAPI/Swagger 3 Generator.
  • Ktor OpenAPI Spec Generator Intended to be a non-invasive OpenAPI spec generator for Ktor APIs. By operating entirely through Ktor’s plugin architecture, it allows you to incrementally document your API without requiring you to rip out and replace the amazing code you have already written.
  • ktor-health-check Simple, opinionated ktor health and readiness checks made for Kubernetes.
  • Cohort Spring Actuator style replacement for Ktor. Provides health checks for orchestrators like Kubernetes and management of logging, databases, JVM settings, memory and threads in production.
  • SuspendApp with Ktor The module suspendapp-ktor provides a server constructor that lifts the Ktor ApplicationEngine in to a Resource, representing the Engine running an Application(i.e Netty) while supporting auto-reload.
  • kotlin-kafka Kafka bindings for Kotlin suspend, and Kafka streaming operators for KotlinX Flow. Designed for usage in Ktor.
  • Hoplite Kotlin library for loading configuration files into typesafe classes in a boilerplate-free way. Define your config using Kotlin data classes, and at startup Hoplite will read from one or more config files, mapping the values in those files into your config classes. Designed for usage in Ktor.
  • Tribune Multiplatform Kotlin library that builds on Arrow to provide a toolset for creating simple parsers from raw input types, to properly validated parsed types. Designed for usage in Ktor.
  • Kweb A streamlined Kotlin web framework built on Ktor that makes it easy to create sophisticated interactive websites.


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