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AR Simple GeoLocation – A minimal iOS AR app

A minimal iOS AR, Augmented Reality, app that displays virtual objects at specific geographical location, in an AR scene.

With the app you can

The project;

    id: UUID(),
    name: "Drummer",
    thumbnailFile: "drummer128",  // optional
    assetFile: "toy_drummer",     // USDZ or reality file name (without ext)
    scale: SIMD3<Float>(1, 1, 1), // scale to display the virtual object
    orientationOnYAxis: 0,        // orientation on Y axis [radian]
    approachingDistance: 10.0,    // [m] distance to start showing the object
    distanceAway: 20.0,           // [m] distance to hide the object
    latitude: 35.68157,   // Tokyo station <-- change location [deg] +/-90
    longitude: 139.76561, //               <-- change location [deg] +/-180
    altitude: 3.5),       //               <-- change location [m]

It shows;

The app provides minimal UI and limited features, to clarify the basic code and logic. Please modify the project to make your own apps.

You can

I hope you find this project helpful. 🙂

AR Simple GeoLocation on GitHub:
Platform: iOS
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