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AnyPass – A Compose Multiplatform app for your all-in-one password management

AnyPass is your one-stop solution for password management, password generation, and password health analysis.


The app architecture has three layers: a data layer, a domain layer and a UI layer. AnyPass uses Meteor KMP to create application using MVI architecture. It provides a unidirectional data flow (UDF), allowing you to handle state changes and propagate them to the UI efficiently.

Single source of truth

When a new data type is defined in your app, you should assign a Single Source of Truth (SSOT) to it. The SSOT is the owner of that data, and only the SSOT can modify or mutate it. To achieve this, the SSOT exposes the data using an immutable type, and to modify the data, the SSOT exposes functions or receive events that other types can call.

This pattern brings multiple benefits:

In an offline-first application, the source of truth for application data is typically a database. In some other cases, the source of truth can be a ViewModel or even the UI.



  1. Check your Xcode version is 14.1 or newer. Additionally, check your Android Studio version is Flamingo or newer.

  2. Clone the repository using the following command:
  3. When building the iOS app, you may face common issues:

    • IssueUnicode Normalization not appropriate for ASCII-8BIT

    • Solution: Try add your ~/.zprofile~/.zshrc files:

    • Issue: Sometimes you can not build your iOS app from Xcode

    • Solution: Follow these steps after executing the cleanup script:

      1. pod deintegrate
      2. pod init
      3. Copy the pod modules
      4. pod install
  4. Build and run the app on your Android / iOS device or simulator.

⚠️ Make fake google-services.json for building properly.

  1. We recommend including linkers from Xcode. To include linkers from Xcode, follow these steps:

    1. Navigate to iosApp/Build Settings/Linking.
    2. Add the following linkers to your Other Linking Flags:
      • lsqlite3
      • ObjC


Want to contribute? See 

Project Requirements

AnyPass on GitHub:
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