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AnkiDroid – Anki flashcards on Android

A semi-official port of the open source Anki spaced repetition flashcard system to Android. Memorize anything with AnkiDroid!


  • night mode
  • whiteboard
  • progress widget
  • detailed statistics
  • syncing with AnkiWeb
  • write answers (optional)
  • text-to-speech integration
  • more than 6000 premade decks
  • spaced repetition (supermemo 2 algorithm)
  • supported contents: text, images, sounds, MathJax
  • add cards by intent from other applications like dictionaries

Anki is spaced repetition technique which is simple but highly effective. It helps you memorize things by automatically repeating them across increasing intervals based on your responses with no need for you to keep track of what to study or when to study it. You create notes (or download shared decks) with content you need to memorize, and the scheduler will make sure you see the content when you need to.

AnkiDroid on GitHub:
Platform: Android
⭐️: 6.5K