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Android Kotlin Starter Project 2022 – Clean Android multi-module offline-first scalable app

Android starter project, described precisely in this article.


To show good practices using Kotlin features and latest Android libraries from Jetpack in 2022.

For comparison, 2019 edition code available here.


Application connects to SpaceX API to download its rocket fleet.

Data always comes from the local persistence (offline-first approach) and updates when necessary.

Clicking on each item navigates user to a browser to read more information on the Web.

Use swipe-down gesture to refresh downloaded data.

Supports light/dark mode theming automatically.

Libraries/concepts used

  • Gradle modularised project by features
  • The Clean Architecture with MVI pattern in presentation layer
  • Jetpack Compose – for UI layer
  • Kotlin Coroutines & Kotlin Flow – for concurrency & reactive approach
  • Kotlin Serialization converter – for JSON parsing
  • Retrofit – for networking
  • Hilt – for Dependency Injection pattern implementation
  • Room – for local database
  • Coil – for image loading
  • Version Catalog – for dependency management
  • Timber – for logging
Android Kotlin Starter Project 2022 on GitHub:
Platform: Android
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