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Android Developer Roadmap 2022 – The learning paths to understanding Android development

Android Developer Roadmap 2022 suggests learning paths to understanding Android development. You can read the roadmap following the line path in the middle of the map.

Each node indicates concepts of Android systems, Android SDK, and generally used libraries. It would be helpful to refer to the Android Developers Reference or GitHub for the specific terminologies.

In addition, you don’t need to learn everything from this roadmap. So we recommend only reading the sections that would be helpful to you.


The 2022 Android Developer Roadmap is designed to give you a comprehensive understanding of the current Android ecosystem and provides suggested learning paths along the way to help you grasp the concepts.

In this multipart series, you’ll learn all about the Android development ecosystem following our 2022 Android Developer Roadmap, giving you a more holistic view of the Android community and how you can progress as a developer.

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📱 Demo Application

This project includes a demo project which shows the roadmap image. You can download the latest APK on the Releases.

Android Developer Roadmap 2022 on GitHub:
Platform: Android
⭐️: 6.1K