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Android App Starter Template – Android app starter template

The goal of this Template is to be our starting point for new projects, following the best development practices. It’s our interpretation and adaptation of the official architecture guidelines provided by Google. And it’s inspired by Google’s NowInAndroid.

Clean architecture with 3 main modules


Other useful features

Getting started

  1. Download this repository extract and open the template folder on Android Studio
  2. Rename the app package io.bloco.template
  3. Check if the manifest package was renamed along with the package
  4. Replace composables with the Template name
  5. On androidApp/build.gradle, change the applicationId to the new app package
  6. On androidApp/build.gradle, update the dependencies Android Studio suggests
  7. On string.xml, set your application name

If you run the Project inside the NewProjectCI all the above steps are done by you automatically, you can run the project using Android Studio then Opening the Main.kt file and press “Run MainKt”. You will be prompted about a new package name and app name

  1. On Theme.kt & Color.kt set your application style
  2. Replace the App Icons
  3. Delete unwanted example files
  4. Run ./gradlew dependencyUpdates and check for dependencies
  5. Ready to Use

And you’re ready to start working on your new app.

Android App Starter Template on GitHub:
Platform: Android
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