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AI Town – A deployable starter kit for building and customizing your own version of AI town

AI Town is a virtual town where AI characters live, chat and socialize.

This project is a deployable starter kit for easily building and customizing your own version of AI town. Inspired by the research paper Generative Agents: Interactive Simulacra of Human Behavior.

The primary goal of this project, beyond just being a lot of fun to work on, is to provide a platform with a strong foundation that is meant to be extended. The back-end engine natively supports shared global state, transactions, and a journal of all events so should be suitable for everything from a simple project to play around with to a scalable, multi-player game. A secondary goal is to make a JS/TS framework available as most simulators in this space (including the original paper above) are written in Python.

AI Town Stack

AI Town on GitHub:
Platform: AI
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