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AI Companion App – A lightweight stack to create and host your own AI companions

This is a tutorial stack to create and host AI companions that you can chat with on a browser or text via SMS. It allows you to determine the personality and backstory of your companion, and uses a vector database with similarity search to retrieve and prompt so the conversations have more depth. It also provides some conversational memory by keeping the conversation in a queue and including it in the prompt.

It currently contains companions on both ChatGPT and Vicuna hosted on Replicate.

There are many possible use cases for these companions – romantic (AI girlfriends / boyfriends), friendship, entertainment, coaching, etc. You can guide your companion towards your ideal use case with the backstory you write and the model you choose.

Note This project is purely inteded to be a developer tutorial and starter stack for those curious on how chatbots are built. If you’re interested in what a production open source platform looks like, check out Steamship. Or what the leading AI chat platforms look like, check out

AI Companion App on GitHub:
Platform: AI
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