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ADB Enhanced – Swiss-army knife for Android testing and development

ADB-Enhanced is a Swiss-army knife for Android testing and development. A command-line interface to trigger various scenarios like screen rotation, battery saver mode, data saver mode, doze mode, permission grant/revocation. Its a wrapper around adb and not a replacement.


sudo pip3 install adb-enhanced


  1. sudo pip install adb-enhanced for python2 based install works as well but, I would recommend moving to python3 since I will deprecate python2 support anytime after Dec 31, 2018.
  2. If you don’t have sudo access or you are installing without sudo then adbe might not be configured correctly in the path.
  3. To setup bash/z-sh auto-completion, execute sudo pip3 install infi.docopt-completion && docopt-completion $(which adbe) after installing adb-enhanced.


Device configuration

  • Turn doze mode on

    adbe doze on

  • Turn mobile-data off

    adbe mobile-data off

  • Turn on battery saver

    adbe battery saver on

  • Don’t keep activities in the background

    adbe dont-keep-activities on

  • Take a screenshot adbe screenshot ~/Downloads/screenshot1.png

  • Take a video adbe screenrecord video.mp4 # Press ^C when finished

  • Turn Wireless Debug mode on adbe enable wireless debugging


  • Grant storage-related runtime permissions

    adbe permissions grant com.example storage

  • Revoke storage-related runtime permissions

    adbe permissions revoke com.example storage

Interacting with app

  • Start an app

    adbe start com.example

  • Kill an app

    adbe force-stop com.example

  • Clear app data – equivalent of uninstall and reinstall

    adbe clear-data com.example

  • ls/cat/rm any file without worrying about adding “run-as” or “su root”

    adbe ls /data/data/com.example/databases # Works as long as com.example is a debuggable package or shell has the root permission or directory has been made publicly accessible

Device info

  • Detailed device info including model name, Android API version etc, device serial

    $ adbe devices
    Unlock Device "dcc54112" and give USB debugging access to this PC/Laptop by unlocking and reconnecting the device. More info about this device: "unauthorized usb:339869696X transport_id:17"
    Serial ID: dcc54111
    Manufacturer: OnePlus
    Model: ONEPLUS A5000 (OnePlus 5T)
    Release: 8.1.0
    SDK version: 27
    CPU: arm64-v8a
    Serial ID: emulator-5554
    Manufacturer: unknown
    Model: Android SDK built for x86
    Release: 4.4.2
    SDK version: 19
    CPU: x86

App info

  • Detailed information about app version, target SDK version, permissions (requested, granted, denied), installer package name, etc.

    $ adbe app info
    App name:
    Version: 12.17.41
    Version Code: 121741370
    Is debuggable: False
    Min SDK version: 21
    Target SDK version: 26
    Install time granted permissions:
    Runtime Permissions not granted and not yet requested:
    Installer package name: None
  • App backup to a tar file unlike the Android-specific .ab format

    $ adbe app backup backup.tar
    you might have to confirm the backup manually on your device's screen, enter "00" as password...
    Successfully backed up data of app to backup.tar


adbe [options] (enable | disable) wireless debugging
adbe [options] airplane (on | off)
adbe [options] alarm (all | top | pending | history)
adbe [options] animations (on | off)
adbe [options] app backup <app_name> [<backup_tar_file_path>]
adbe [options] app info <app_name>
adbe [options] app path <app_name>
adbe [options] app signature <app_name>
adbe [options] apps list (all | system | third-party | debug | backup-enabled)
adbe [options] battery level <percentage>
adbe [options] battery reset
adbe [options] battery saver (on | off)
adbe [options] cat <file_path>
adbe [options] clear-data <app_name>
adbe [options] dark mode (on | off)
adbe [options] devices
adbe [options] dont-keep-activities (on | off)
adbe [options] doze (on | off)
adbe [options] dump-ui <xml_file>
adbe [options] force-stop <app_name>
adbe [options] gfx (on | off | lines)
adbe [options] input-text <text>
adbe [options] install <file_path>
adbe [options] jank <app_name>
adbe [options] layout (on | off)
adbe [options] location (on | off)
adbe [options] ls [-a] [-l] [-R|-r] <file_path>
adbe [options] mobile-data (on | off)
adbe [options] mobile-data saver (on | off)
adbe [options] mv [-f] <src_path> <dest_path>
adbe [options] notifications list
adbe [options] open-url <url>
adbe [options] overdraw (on | off | deut)
adbe [options] permission-groups list all
adbe [options] permissions (grant | revoke) <app_name> (calendar | camera | contacts | location | microphone | phone | sensors | sms | storage)
adbe [options] permissions list (all | dangerous)
adbe [options] press back
adbe [options] pull [-a] <file_path_on_android>
adbe [options] pull [-a] <file_path_on_android> <file_path_on_machine>
adbe [options] push <file_path_on_machine> <file_path_on_android>
adbe [options] restart <app_name>
adbe [options] restrict-background (true | false) <app_name>
adbe [options] rm [-f] [-R|-r] <file_path>
adbe [options] rotate (landscape | portrait | left | right)
adbe [options] rtl (on | off)
adbe [options] screen (on | off | toggle)
adbe [options] screenrecord <filename.mp4>
adbe [options] screenshot <filename.png>
adbe [options] show-taps (on | off)
adbe [options] standby-bucket get <app_name>
adbe [options] standby-bucket set <app_name> (active | working_set | frequent | rare)
adbe [options] start <app_name>
adbe [options] stay-awake-while-charging (on | off)
adbe [options] stop <app_name>
adbe [options] top-activity
adbe [options] uninstall [--first-user] <app_name>
adbe [options] wifi (on | off)


-e, --emulator          directs the command to the only running emulator
-d, --device            directs the command to the only connected "USB" device
-s, --serial SERIAL     directs the command to the device or emulator with the given serial number or qualifier.
                        Overrides ANDROID_SERIAL environment variable.
-l                      For long list format, only valid for "ls" command
-R                      For recursive directory listing, only valid for "ls" and "rm" command
-r                      For delete file, only valid for "ls" and "rm" command
-f                      For forced deletion of a file, only valid for "rm" command
-v, --verbose           Verbose mode

Python3 migration timeline

  • Nov 27, 2017 – Code is Python3 compatible
  • Jan 18, 2018 – pip (python package manager) has the updated version which is Python3 compatible
  • Nov 15, 2018 – Python2 based installation discouraged. Python3 is recommended.
  • Dec 31, 2018 – Python2 will not be officially supported after Dec 31, 2018.
  • May 7, 2020 – Python2 no longer works with the current master branch


make lint
make test

Release a new build

A new build can be released using release/ script. Build a test release via make release_debug. Build a production release via make release_production

Updating docs for ReadTheDocs

make documentation

Note that this happens automatically during make release_production.

You will have to do brew install pandoc if you are missing pandoc.

Note: The inspiration of this project came from android-scripts.

ADB Enhanced on GitHub:
Platform: Android
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