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The Biggest Threat To Software Engineers

Being an engineer is not a risk-free job, there are serious dangers out there.

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The Burnout

According to me, the biggest threat to any developer is burnout. The software we create has to keep running and working as expected, this can create massive pressure on the engineers and is a heavy burden to carry. Some engineers do not have these issues even though they share the same burdens and expectations, it comes down to how you as an individual can cope with it. Burnouts are more often occurring in people with certain personality traits, such as perfectionism and high work morale.


I, myself, am an expert at something I call micro burnouts. I call them micro burnouts because they usually pass in a few days. I often find myself in love with programming, I blog about it, I work with it, I try out different frameworks in my spare time. I am very engaged in my work, etc.

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