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Roadmap to iOS Tech Lead

This road map will take you from a junior dev to the Tech Lead.

  1. Swift Language
  2. Algorithms and Data Structures
  3. Design Patterns and Principles
  4. Architecture
  5. Coding Template
  6. Mastering Xcode
  7. iOS Frameworks
  8. Git
  9. App Portfolio (Github & App Store)
  10. Interview Preparation
  11. Testing

I will add details to them one by one. It will be the most comprehensive roadmap for iOS devs to become a tech lead.

Swift Language

A Swift tour in one hour: here

A guided tour in Swift: here

Swift language guide: here

Memory management in iOS: here

Algorithms And Data Structures

All the data structures questions with hints: LeetCode

Data Structures & Algorithms from MIT: here

Linked list explained with videos : here

Interview Preparation

Beginner — Intermediate — Advanced Level: here

HackerRank Interview Preparation Kit: here

Facebook iOS preparation from a real FB dev. (Yeah, he made it): here

A comprehensive list of iOS questions: here

A nice collection of resources: here

Almost every algorithm explained in Swift by here

iOS Skills: A Path to Mastery for iOS Development — Josh Brown : here

Sample videos for Amazon Interview: here and here

Life is short, build things that matter.

Full Article: Burhan ARAS @ iOS Interview University