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iOS Developer Salaries

A senior developer with 4 years of commercial experience should be earning £50,000+.

A mid-level developer with 2 years experience should be earning £20,000 — £30,000.

A junior developer should be earning £20,000 — £28,000

Now, different areas of the world have different pay ranges and salary brackets. We are using England as an example and generalising also. However, I have found this to have some truth to it.

Junior iOS Developers 

Junior developers are very enthusiastic but may untidy the codebase with their heavy-handed approach making it more difficult and expensive to maintain in the future. Companies are really taking a chance on such developers in the hope that they will learn, grow and stay for a long period of time having learnt about the infrastructure of the business. For these reasons they will always be paid less and offered a chance at growing their experience.

Our advice to those starting a new career in iOS is to accept this position and use the opportunity to collect as many Career Things as possible. i.e. forget the money and focus on gaining the experience which you can utilise in the future!

Mid-Level iOS Developers

Mid-level developers are not drastically better than the juniors because they usually don’t have much experience or a firm grasp on the fundamental engineering principles that differentiate between spaghetti code and solid architecture (Google “SOLID engineering principles”). The mid-level developers are in no man’s land between the beginners and the experienced, which is why there are not usually roles outlined specifically for this type of experience. For any mid-level developer out there we would highly recommend BOOSTING your career by studying the fundamentals! That’s right, it’s time to learn about architecture!

Senior iOS Developers

Senior developers are in a great position. They have experience, knowledge, understand architecture and can be self-certified as fully-fledged software engineers. Senior iOS developers should be well on their way to a very lucrative and profitable career in iOS.

Developers at this stage should most certainly be setting career goals and collecting as many Career Things as they can! If they don’t yet have many career-defining things to say about their experience then this should be set as one of the highest priorities in their lives at this moment!

A Real-Life Salary Example

If it’s of any help, this is the timeline of my own personal salary in my iOS career.

  • 2010: £27,000
  • 2011: £30,000
  • 2012: £32,000
  • 2013: £42,000
  • 2014: £52,000
  • 2015: £104,000 (Freelancing)
  • 2017: £125,000 (Consulting)


As a final word to this article, all I will say is don’t be afraid to push the boundaries and go for a job opportunity that you never thought you could get — in most cases you usually get it!

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