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Flutter is better than React Native*

*…in all the ways that don’t matter.

Flutter and React Native are natural competitors as two of the most used multi-platform mobile app frameworks. Debates swirl…developers argue…and, in the end, apps are shipped, using one or the other.

So which is better?

The smart answer, the one that senior engineers will say with a cheeky grin, is: “It depends. Both have pros and cons, and in the end it’s a decision about tradeoffs.”

But that’s hardly a satisfying answer. It’s like saying the best player in the NBA is “depends on their role”. That doesn’t spur talk show hype, drive clicks, and increase engagement!

So let’s cause some drama and ruffle some feathers, and talk about why Flutter is better than React Native… in all the ways that don’t matter.

What does matter?

We could talk about all the things that don’t really matter: performance, developer experience, Dart vs JavaScript, native integrations, standard libraries, and much, much more.

The title is provocative; I’ll give you that. But this article isn’t just click-bait! In fact, I am going to do a deeper dive into most of those things in a more nuanced way later in this article.

But let’s cut to the chase. What does matter?

The answer lies not in the technical aspects of React Native and Flutter at all. It is not even something that a mobile developer might care about.

But to the people making decisions on what to use for their next app, this is what matters right now…

Full Article: Jamon Holmgren @ Red Shift