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Bad UX Design — 13 Worst UX Design Fails to Avoid in Your SaaS

From Amazon’s navigation bar to Whatsapp’s deleted messages: bad UX design is something that we’re all familiar with as consumers.

From a SaaS point of view, a poor user experience can sometimes mean the loss of a paying customer, or perhaps hundreds of them.

So it’s crucial to know what design pitfalls to watch out for. That way you can eliminate them from your product, or, better still, not design in that way in the first place.

In this article, we’ve listed 13 of the worst design mistakes that we’ve seen to date.

Let’s get into it.

  • If you make new features open in a new tab every time, you’ll disrupt your onboarding automation and disorientate your customer.
  • Don’t use dropdown menus if they contain hundreds of options.
  • Limit onboarding checklists to no more than 3–4 items.
  • Always make sure that your modals have an X for your user to click on if they’re not interested.
  • Don’t block the rest of the UI with your tooltip text box.
  • Ensure that any features that your product includes are intuitive for the customer to discover.
  • Limit the number of arbitrary password requirements, such as character length.
  • Never give linear product tours that always go through all your features in the same way, regardless of the customer’s needs.
  • Any demo content in your product should vanish as soon as your customers add their own content in its stead.
  • Keep your copywriting concise, and avoid industry jargon.
  • Don’t bombard users with modals that they themselves didn’t initiate.
  • Keep video autoplay to an absolute minimum, as a way of respecting users’ autonomy.
  • Fill empty states with dummy data or demo content.