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6 NFT Courses that can help with NFT Marketplace

I curated some of the best NFT courses online, suitable for beginners and intimidates alike.

What would you make of an innovation that grew by 21,000% in a year? Well, that was the growth level of trading in nonfungible tokens (NFTs) in 2021, after it hit $17.6 billion from 2020. The thing is, NFT entered mainstream consciousness in a big way, with celebrities and major companies going in and becoming a part of the market, so you shouldn’t be left out.

To say the least, NFTs are tradable assets that keep track of who owns a certain digital item on the blockchain, it could be a work of art, a tweet, or video game avatar. Last year, NFTs became insanely popular, and the growing interest in it has increased the demand for online courses that educate beginners and curious individuals on minting and trading NFTs on the blockchain.

I curated some of the best NFT courses online, suitable for beginners and intimidates alike. There are many ways to make money from NFTs: you can sell them, but aside that you can equally rent them out, stake them, provide liquidity and earn NFTs, farm, or earn royalties. Whichever you want to do, these courses got you covered.

NFT Fundamentals: Buy, Create, Sell NFTs – Udemy

This course teaches basic things like minting, buying, and selling NFTs. It’s suitable for beginners and anyone hoping to explore the NFT industry with the hopes of increasing their financial literacy, expanding their business, and earning profit in a fun way.

The course will help you better understand what NFTs are and how they work, then you will learn about the popular platforms for NFT trading, such as OpenSea.

This is one of the best NFT courses online for beginners, with it you will be acquainted with primary terms and concepts in NFT and confidently buy and trade NFTs in a professional way. It’s a good starting point for investors with little or no experience.

NFT Art Masterclass – Skillshare

If you are a beginner who wish to understand the driving concepts behind NFTs, what they are, how they gain value, and how you can use them to maximize profit, this is the ideal course for you. The goal of the NFT Art Masterclass is to help newbies understand and implement the NFT technology in their own art.

The key skills you’ll pick from this NFT course include bitcoin, digital art, digital marketing, design business, and inquiry-based learning. You’ll gain a fuller understanding of the NFT ecosystem, learn about the history of NFTs, reasons to create your own NFTs, ways you can successfully take advantage of the trend, and confidently navigate the NFT marketplaces.

This course will help you handle NFT vocabulary with confidence, understand how NFTs are changing our perception of art, and use this trend to your advantage. This is one of the best NFT courses online for creatives and artists.

The Complete NFT Course – Learn Everything about NFTs – Udemy

The Complete NFT Course plunges into beginner and moderate level ideas of the NFT universe. Here you’ll learn to grow your abilities in advanced finance via the prologue to NFT use cases, NFT Smart agreements, NFT printing, IPFS stockpiling, contributing and selling NFTs, and security.

The course will teach you about the innovation driving the NFTs and the blockchain. What’s more, you will learn best ways to stay away from tricks, put securely in NFTs, perceive the means engaged with printing, and get Ethereum, crypto wallets, blockchain wallets, and MetaMask.

In addition, the course dive into the historical backdrop of NFTs and other related ideas like savvy contracts, NFT commercial centers, and mint generative craftsmanship NFTs. It’s about one of the most mind-blowing NFT courses on the web.

NFT Fundamentals Course – 101 Blockchains

The 101 Blockchains course gives a strong NFT course for novices and enthusiasts who hope to venture into the market. It’s a 3-hour course that permits people to learn about NFTs and the Ethereum blockchain.

The course offers a module featuring the distinction among fungible and non-fungible tokens, and one of the critical areas of concentration is on the capabilities of tokenization. Other things you’ll learn include the goals of NFTs, alongside the accepted procedures associated with the exchanging, buying, and selling of NFTs.

This is one of the most mind-blowing NFT courses online to get a thorough handle of the documented development of the NFTs and how it binds to their importance today. You will get the effect of the NFTs on the advanced environment and recognize center terms in the business like commercial center applications, collectibles, exchanging cards, games, utility, virtual world, and so forth.

Turn Your Art into an NFT – Skillshare

If you’re an artist who wish to transfer your artistic skill into NFT, the Turn Your Art into an NFT is for you. This is a beginner-level course aimed at learners who wish to learn the practical tools and steps involved in minting and registering their own NFT.

The course handles the basics of NFT, exploring questions such as what is an NFT and why artists need one, you will move towards creating your own token. Next comes getting your wallet, followed by depositing your crypto and minting the artwork.

The final module will be based on the various blockchains you can mint the NFTs on. A hands-on project asks students to mint and share their first-ever NFTs. This is among the best NFT courses online to learn how to earn a steady income with your own artwork.

Complete NFT Course Online – Hubpod School

This course will help you gain a comprehensive skillset of NFTs. It is specially designed for digital artists, blockchain enthusiasts, individuals curious to create, sell and buy NFTs, NFT collectors, and starters in the blockchain industry. It’s an interactive online NFT course that allows you to to ask and engage in questions in meaningful discussions.

The course has a 4-week duration, and within this time you will learn about the core concepts in the NFT domains such as NFT use cases, smart contracts, NFT minting, IPFS storage, investing, selling NFTs, and security.

The first week covers the history and blockchain technology behind NFTs, next, you will learn about NFT investment, security and minting via a step-by-step teaching process. The third week looks at the problems of smart contracts, foundational understanding of Ethereum and NFT standards. Finally, you will learn about the NFT marketplaces, crypto wallets, mint generative art NFTs and blockchain wallets.

NFT Risks

Going into the world of NFT comes with its own set of challenges, risks, and security issues, so it’s your duty to learn to guard against these. Listed below are some of the most common types of risks associated with the NFT market, and which any of the above’s NFT courses online covers.

Smart Contracts Risks: This is a prominent risks prevalent in the industry. Without strong smart contract security, hackers can exploit the flaws and steal huge amount of crypto. An example is the attack on the Poly Network protocol where hackers stole $600 million.

Price Uncertainty: The price of an NFT is determined by the rarity and uniqueness of the digital token. However, there is no benchmark for measuring creativity and rarity, and this makes price fluctuation and evaluation another massive challenge for NFT enthusiasts.

Legal Challenge: Currently, we don’t yet have a legal definition for an NFT. The incredible rise of the NFT and its wide applications calls for internationally recognized regulatory interventions to avoid issues of non-compliance.

Cyber Threats and Frauds: These kinds of Threats include phony NFTs, false or counterfeit airdrops, artist impersonation, defrauding by means of replication of famous NFTs, and other fake practices.

Finding out about NFT dangers and security difficulties ought to be the first concern of anyone excited about breaking into this market for safe investment.

Taking online course give you flexibility, allows you more choice of course topic and are relatively of lower cost, making them ideal for learning on the side while you do other things that matter to you. This features of online course are equally the things that makes learning about NFTs online idea.

So if you’re looking to get started or further utilize NFTs to your advantage, you can always start by taking a course. If your goal is to make money through the various means available, while still navigating the challenges associated with NFTs, the above listed courses have you covered.

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