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5 Programming Principles that Help You to Write Better Code

Impress both compiler and your teammate by writing better code with these programming principles.

Programming refers to designing and developing computer programs by solving various technical or business problems. Programmers typically design, develop, test, release, and maintain software systems. They consistently contribute to software development projects by writing source codes, so they always strive to write clean and maintainable source codes to boost the entire team’s productivity.

Programming principles help us to write better code for building high-quality software systems. Programming principles are widely accepted fundamental truths that we can use in any software development project regardless of the technology stack. Sometimes, we can use these principles as rules to keep our software systems’ quality in a good state.

I will explain several programming principles for designing, developing, and maintaining high-quality software systems in this story. You can undoubtedly use these principles in any software project since these are fundamental generic concepts.

  1. Try to Keep the Implementation Simple, Even If the Problem Is Complex
  2. Avoid Repetition, but Don’t Over-Improve
  3. Prioritize Refactoring as Same as Features
  4. Architect Your Project with Multiple Modules
  5. Write Optimized Code by Preventing Premature Optimization

Full Article: Shalitha Suranga @ Level Up Coding